Welcome to our Travel Accessories page. This is where you can find all those little items that can seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things; but in actual fact can make your trip smoother and more comfortable. Whether it's travel pillows and flight socks for comfort on a long haul flight, luggage locks to keep your personal items secure while in transit, mosquito repellent to avoid those irritating bites or sunglasses for those days on the beach or whizzing down the Ski slopes. We also have a range of sun cream to avoid the sunburn which can ruin any trip. Last but not least we even have a range of GPS devices to help you find your way in un-familiar territory, whether on foot or in the car. On this page you can find it all.

Passport Covers

When travelling, passport covers are essential because they keep your passport in good condition. This is vital so that immigration and border controls can identify who you are. If they can't, you may be in for a lengthy wait while they verify who you are. We have a range of different passport covers available, from simple and plain to ones of different colors and different pictures, patterns and designs. Check out our range of passport covers if you need a new one for your trip.

Money Pouches

When you're at the airport and travelling generally it's best to keep your passport and money easily accessible but also safe. Money pouches are perfect for this as they have room to keep multiple items safe but accessible. They can also be strapped around the body underneath your clothes, protecting your belongings from pick-pockets. We have a large range of money pouches available including ones with RFID blocking technology to prevent identity theft. Don't go on your trip without a money pouch

Luggage Security

After you check in at the airport and your luggage disappears down the conveyor belt, you don't see it again until you reach baggage re-claim at your destination. Until then it's in the hands of the bag handlers. Secure your luggage with our range of luggage locks, luggage straps and luggage ID tags. All for your peace of mind when travelling.

Luggage Locks

Here we have a good selection of luggage locks including locks with combination codes, locks with steel cable to wrap around your luggage and TSA approved locks that let you know if your bag has been opened. We also have motion sensitive bag protectors and smart tags for tracing your bags location if lost or stolen. Check out our range and protect your luggage before you head to the airport.

Luggage Straps

Use luggage straps for strapping different bags to one another and to prevent bags from bursting open during transit. Luggage straps are also lockable to add extra security to your belongings.

Luggage ID Tags

Make sure your luggage can be identified as belonging to you by securing ID tags to your bags. We have a range of luggage ID tags with different designs and prints available. We also have GPS enabled smart tags which allow you to track your luggage. Check out our range of luggage ID tags here.

Luggage Scales

There's not many more annoying things at an airport than checking in and finding out your luggage is over the airline's weight limit. So you either have to pay the excess which can be costly or transfer items between different bags to even out the weight. Avoid this happening to you be weighing your luggage at home. Here we have a range of luggage scales to help with this.


Taking a trip to somewhere hot and sunny, or maybe hitting the ski slopes? Either way, you won't want to go without a good pair of sunglasses. Check out our wide selection here and also check the Sunglasses store on the right.

GPS Devices

When visiting an un-familiar city or travelling in a foreign country it can be easy to loose your way among all the city streets and country roads. This is where a GPS device comes in handy. Whether it be a satnav for the car or a personal GPS device for going out into the great outdoors. Check out our range here and never get lost again.

Insect Repellent

Picture the scene. You're sat on a beach somewhere tropical, watching the sunset and enjoying a nice cocktail. Holiday bliss. But then the mosquito's come out in force and spoil the moment. Avoid this inconvenience by making sure you pack the insect repellent. Here we have a sizeable range of products to keep those biting insects away, so you can enjoy your cocktails without this hassle.

Insect Nets

Do you dream of trekking through a rainforest, spotting wildlife and camping beneath the canopy with the sounds of the jungle as your lullaby. The ultimate travel experience; until insects invade your sleeping bag that is! If like us, you prefer to admire bugs from a distance and have your sleeping bag insect free, then insect nets are your perfect accessory. We have a wide range of products enabling you to create a completely enclosed space for the perfect nights sleep, free of the creatures of the jungle floor.

Travel Toiletry Bags

When we go on holiday or travelling long term, there will always be products such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant and cosmetics that we need to take with us. So it's useful and makes life easier to have toiletry cases to put it all in and keep it all in one place. Also to protect the rest of our luggage against those annoying leaks and spillages during transit. You can find a good selection of toiletry accessories right here.

Travel First Aid Kits

Nobody likes to think about the possibility of holiday accidents, because holidays are meant to be a time to have fun and relax. Nothing should ever go wrong, right? In a perfect world maybe, but in reality, no. If you're in the middle of a rainforest, deep in the Australian outback or have no phone signal and cannot quickly or easily summon help if you or a friend has an accident, what do you do? Having a first aid kit with you, even a basic one could mean the difference between life and death. Better to have one and not use it, than need one and not have one. So be sure to check out our range of first aid kits before you head off on your adventures.

Travel Pillows

If ever there was an essential item to make long journeys more comfortable, then travel pillows are it. Whether you have a long train journey, a long haul flight or a long car journey where you are not the driver, travel pillows can be invaluable in making your journey better. Choose your perfect travel pillow to support you in a comfortable sleeping position from our range right here.

Flight Socks

If you are going on a trip that requires a long haul flight, or indeed any journey where you will be sitting down for long periods of time, flight socks are recommended. They will help to keep good circulation during your period of inactivity and can help avoid conditions such as DVT which can potentially be life threatening. Check out our range here.

Travel Outlet Adapters

If you're going travelling soon and are planning to take your electrical gadgets such as laptops, Kindle's, phones, camera's and ipods with you, then you will need travel adapters for charging up your gadgets. Here we have a large range to cater for many different destinations around the globe. Perfect for all the globe-trotters out there.

Beach Accessories

Most people love a day at the beach, whether you are the type who likes to lazily sunbathe all day or be in and out of the water swimming and snorkelling or playing beach volleyball and other games. This is where you can find all you might want for a fun day or even an entire holiday based around the beach.

Sun Cream & After Sun Lotion

When out enjoying the summer sun, a bottle of sun cream is an essential item to keep with you. A nasty case of sunburn can ruin a trip, not to mention cause long term skin damage and skin Cancer. If you are caught short, then a bottle of after sun lotion is equally as essential. Make sure you don't leave home without yours.

Travel Entertainment

Travelling is a great life experience where you get to see many great things, tick things off your bucket list, experience different cultures and meet new people. But for the boring bit's in-between destinations such as long haul flights and delays, it is always good to have something to help pass this time by and keep you entertained. Here we have a selection of those kinds of things you may consider putting in your hand luggage.