Welcome to our Luggage page. Are you going on holiday soon? Maybe planning some long-term travelling, a gap year, going Back-packing or perhaps just an adventurous or relaxing weekend break. Whatever the occasion, we have luggage for all kinds of trips. This page is full to bursting with choice, from wheeled luggage to hard shell luggage and even luggage sets and much more. So whether you like your luggage colourful, patterned, decorated with pictures or animal print or just plain, you are sure to find what you need right here. We also have a large range of designer products from the likes of Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Timberland and Nautica. Be sure to check out the links to the right of the page for these and more choice in all luggage.

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If you always seem to have trouble closing your suitcase after packing, take a look at this video for some useful tips on packing efficiently.

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If you are packing for yourself, a partner and the children, take a look at this helpful video with tips to pack efficiently for a family holiday.

Wheeled Luggage

If like us, you prefer wheeled luggage for ease of transport, then we have a wide selection of it, including sets and individual pieces for all sorts of trips.

When you go on holiday wheeled luggage can make your life so much easier for many reasons. For example, if your luggage is quite heavy, being able to glide your suitcases along behind you takes the strain away from having to carry the weight on your shoulders. Or what if you arrive at the airport late and have to make a mad dash to the check in desk. Running is far easier when you can pull your bags smoothly along behind you than it is when your shoulders are laden with heavy bags.

Wheeled luggage is also particularly useful if you have special luggage items with you such as surf boards, bikes or a set of golf clubs. Make travelling to your destination easier by using wheeled luggage.

Hard Shell Luggage

If you are going on a long haul trip or are taking valuable items with you and would prefer some hard shell luggage for extra protection, then this is the place to find them. We have a large range of hard shell luggage available.

When we go on holiday, our luggage gets moved around a lot. From first being put on the conveyor belt at check in, to getting loaded onto the vehicles that take all the baggage out to the planes, then loaded into the planes.
When we reach our destinations, it's off the planes and all the way up to baggage re-claim. Then the same all over again when we make our return trip. This can take it's toll on our luggage, which is why this kind of luggage is useful. It gives our belongings more protection while in transit.

Hard shell luggage can be especially useful if you have valuable or breakable items with you. Or if you are a frequent flier for business reasons and use your suitcases more than most then hard shell luggage is a good choice here too.

Luggage Sets

If you are part of a large family all going on vacation together, then luggage sets are a very necessary, if not essential part of your trip. They will allow you enough space to pack everything you need for the whole family.

With luggage sets you can pack systematically so you know exactly what is in each bag. For example all clothing in one bag, footwear in another and toiletries and beauty items such as hairdryers and straighteners in another. Alternatively for a family with kids, all adult clothes could go in the largest suitcase, kids clothes in a smaller case, all footwear in another and toiletries in the smallest.

You can utilise the extra space you get from luggage sets any way you need. Just to know that you have enough space for everything you need for the whole family, makes having your luggage in sets really useful.

Soft Luggage

If you are going on a short trip or simply like to keep your luggage on the lighter side, then soft luggage is a good choice. Another reason for choosing soft luggage over a larger suitcase could be that maybe you don't have much storage space at home and need something that can easily be stored in small spaces when not in use. This is where soft luggage comes in handy.

Maybe the type of holiday you are going on requires luggage that can easily be stored. A good example of this is if you are a keen, regular sailor. Storage space is limited on sail boats and much of the storage space available is used for essential supplies such as food and safety equipment, particularly on longer voyages such as ocean crossings. Soft luggage is a perfect choice for this situation.

Or perhaps you are simply looking for a new gym bag and not necessarily luggage for a holiday. Whatever the reason, here we have a wide selection of soft luggage to choose from, so you are sure to find something to fit your purpose, whatever that may be.

Hold-Alls and Sports Bags

Hold-Alls and sports bags are also soft luggage and can easily be stored in small places, which makes them useful for all sorts of purposes. You can use a hold all or sports bags like these for trips such as short trips over seas, weekend breaks, short domestic getaways to see a different part of the country you live in, a Spa weekend, an over night stay at a friends house or simply just as a gym bag.

Bags like these would also be ideal for the kids if they have something to attend. Maybe a school trip that involves being away for more than a day, such as a foreign exchange trip. Perhaps a play away sporting event with their team, or even for sending them off to Summer camp. The different uses for bags like this are many and we have a great selection to fit all sorts of purpose.


Backpacks are another type of luggage that are extremely versatile in how they can be used and again another that is easily stored in small spaces. The most obvious and most common use for backpacks are for backpacking travel. Australia is a popular destination for backpackers and it is a vast country so there is plenty to explore. If you are planning on exploring Australia by way of backpacking then you need to make sure you choose a good backpack.

Things to take into consideration when choosing the right backpack for you is where will you be going? How long for? What will you be doing? What do you need for your particular activities? If you will be doing a lot of hiking and camping then you should have a backpack with enough space for all your equipment. Good weight distribution and well padded straps are important to protect your back and shoulders from any injury related to carrying things on your back.

Wherever you plan to go on your backpacking travels, we have a good range of backpacks small and large. As well as backpacks suitable for multiple days hiking, but also backpacks for if you just plan to be hiking for one day.

Women's Carry-On Bags

What we take in our carry-on bags will differ for everybody and depend on personal needs and preferences. For a family travelling with babies or small children, likely items in their carry-on bags would be things to keep the children occupied on the flight and certainly diapers for the baby.

For adults travelling without children then likely items in their carry-on bags maybe an ipod to listen to music, a book or Kindle to read or your laptop to catch up on emails or watch a movie etc. Essential items could include medication and healthcare items. The things people pack in their carry-on bags will always differ from person to person, so make sure you have a bag suitable for what you need in your luggage. Check out our range of carry-on bags right here.

Men's Carry-On Bags

Just like the women's carry-on bags above, what an individual packs in their carry-on luggage is different for everybody regardless of whether the bag belongs to a man or woman. When going on a short trip or weekend break, choosing a good carry-on bag may mean you can fit everything you need into it for your whole trip. This would mean not needing to check in a larger suitcase and therefore travelling as light as possible.

A good example of such a trip is a bachelor party organised for somewhere other than your immediate locality. Check out this section for a big choice in men's carry-on bags. Maybe you need a new carry-on bag for your next holiday, a brief case for a business trip or a new laptop bag for everyday use. Or ladies, maybe you want to buy a new bag for the man in your life.

Garment Bags

Garment bags can be a very useful addition to your travel luggage for protecting special items of clothing. Maybe you have been invited to a wedding abroad and need to keep your outfit tidy. Maybe you are one of the Bridesmaids or Groomsmen and need a garment bag for your dress or suit. Are you the bride herself? If so, a garment bag for your gown is certainly an essential item of luggage.

There are many different options in garment bags out there. Some only hold one outfit, some two and others for multiple outfit's. Others also have pockets for accessories that go with your outfit such as ties, cuff links, wedding veils and tiara's so you can keep your entire outfit together.
whatever the occasion is that you need a garment bag for, we have a wide selection to suit a wide range of needs right here. Take a look.

Children's Luggage

Are you planning your first holiday with young children in tow? If you are, then you are possibly thinking of getting them their own little suitcases for their belongings. There are a number of reasons to get the little ones their own
One reason is that you can keep all their clothes and toys in their own bags, separate from the main luggage so it is quick and easily accessible. This leaves more room in the main luggage for your clothes and things you buy during
your holiday to bring home.
Alternatively it could just be because when small children see their parents doing something, they want to try it too, so if they see you packing a suitcase or pulling it through the airport, they want to do it to. So giving them their own
little bag solves this.
Whatever your reason, we have a great selection of childrens luggage with all their favourite kinds of characters on them.

Laptop Bags

In today's day and age, most people have a laptop whether they are personal laptops or for business. It is also not uncommon for people to take their laptops with them when they go on holiday. It can often be more convenient to have your own means of getting online if necessary, than to have to go and find public internet access wherever you are taking your holiday.

Or maybe you frequently go away on business trips for your job and need to take your laptop with you to work on during your flight. Wherever you are going and whatever the reason for your trip, a laptop bag is essential for protecting your laptop if you are taking it with you. We have a good range of laptop bags right here.