Travel Books

Welcome to our Travel Books page. If you are planning a trip to somewhere you've never been before and thought that a guide book would be useful, this is the place to find them. We have everything from city guides to whole country guides full of useful information about what to see and do, where to go, where to stay and where to eat while there. We have a large range by two heavyweights of the travel world. Lonely Planet Guides and The Rough Guide. We also have lots of other travel books, from ones that give you inspiration on where to go, to ones packed with tips and advice and also ones especially for those who like to focus on wildlife watching when they go away. Wherever you're headed, we're sure to have what you need. Be sure to also check out the list of links at the side of the page for even more choices in travel books.

Lonely Planet Guides, The Rough Guide Books
Travel Inspiration Books, Wildlife Travel Books
Travel Tips and Advice Books, Exploration and Survival Books
Bear Grylls Books AND Language Learning Books

Lonely Planet Guide Books

Here we have a wide range of the Lonely Planet Guide Books. This selection focusses on guides for entire countries. So if you are planning a trip to a particular country and travelling throughout rather than staying in one place, then these books are ideal for telling you what is on offer in that country. From things to see and do, where to stay and places to eat. Our favourite is the Australia guide because it's a vast amazing country with no end of things to do and see and experiences to be had.

Lonely Planet Guide Books

Here we have another range of Lonely Planet Guide Books. This time, focussing on city guides. If you are planning a city break then these books are great guides to what to do in your chosen city. Where to stay, things to see and do, information on any local events, festivals and traditions and much more. One of our favourite's is the Amsterdam guide. What's not to love about Amsterdam? It's got something for everyone.

The Rough Guide Books

Here we have more country and city guide books, this time from The Rough Guide Books. Like the Lonely Planet, these books are also indispensable travel companions and we have a wide selection.

Travel Inspiration

Here we have a good selection of inspirational books. If you're thinking of your next trip, but not sure where to go, look no further. You might be looking for an adventure trip of a lifetime or want to tick something off your bucket list. This selection of books is sure to give you plenty of idea's for your next trip.

Wildlife Travel Books

For all the wildlife enthusiasts out there, we have a good range of books to help you see all those animals you always wanted to see in the wild, in their natural habitats. Whether you want to swim with Dolphins or go and spot wild Tigers in India, this range of books is sure to have what you want.

Travel Tips, Advice & How To's

This section focusses on books that give you useful travel advice, tips and how to's. Our favourite is the book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day by renowned travel blogger Nomadic Matt. This is our favourite because it is packed with tips and advice on how you can travel as much as you want and how you do not need to be rich to do so.

Exploration and Survival Books

If you like to read about true stories of exploration to far flung places or about extreme survival then we have a good selection of these kinds of books right here. Or maybe you want to plan your own adventure to somewhere more remote and off the tourist beaten track and are looking for some ideas. Check out our range of Exploration and Survival books right here.

Bear Grylls

To accompany our section on Bear Grylls Clothing and Equipment on the Clothing page, here we have a section for Bear Grylls books. Everything from his Autobiography "Mud, Sweat and Tears" to a book on things in the wilderness that are edible to his series of "Mission Survival" books for children. We think that his books make great reading for any holiday. Check them out here.

Language Learning Books

Here we have a large selection of books to help the keen traveller brush up on their current language skills or maybe start learning a new one altogether. Whether you are planning a long term trip through multiple countries or a short trip to just one place, we have what you need to start or improve your ability before your trip.